For Calvin Ng, horology is not simply a passion; it is a lifestyle, a symbol of tradition,
and a cherished piece of family history. Growing up in a family of watchmakers that
began with his grandfather in Hong Kong, Calvin’s earliest memories were of
discussions about assembly, movement, and case shapes at the dinner table. The
family factory, one of the largest watch manufacturers in Hong Kong, supplied high-end
brands for decades until it closed down, besieged by declining fortunes.
To Calvin, who went on to study aerospace engineering, and later, rose through the
ranks as an accomplished manufacturing engineer and entrepreneur, watchmaking is
synonymous with familial love and ambition. It is his ultimate quest to the relentlessly
intriguing question: how do you continually innovate on watch design to make a
statement timepiece that transcends ephemeral trends and cliched styles?
This is the mission of CALVIN JR., a micro-brand that aims to shatter watchmaking
conventions to craft ambitious, truly original, and statement timepieces with cutting edge
materials that you will love wearing.

CALVIN JR. – Don’t Settle for the Ordinary. Dare to Be Different


CJr Watches started life as a micro-brand watch created in October 2014. It has two
successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns — the Velocita—a brash and bold bullhead
chronograph in a unique, oversized case that launched in July 2015 and the Airspeed
—an aviation-inspired, convention-breaking regulation watch that launched in June
2016. Immediately after the launch of the Airspeed campaign, the project quickly raised
more than five times its initial funding goal and sparked a huge amount of excitement in
the micro-brand community.
CJr is a small team of radical creators and innovators dedicated to a singular vision: to
push new frontiers in watch structure, design, and style to offer statement timepieces
with quality materials and extreme craftsmanship at affordable prices.



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